Established 1950

The Board Members and Officers of the Illinois Elks Bowling Association.

Last Updated Monday, April 1, 2019



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    ONLY Elks in good standing, or the SPOUSE of an ELK, in good standing in a Lodge in the State of Illinois are eligible to participate.  An entrant may be called upon, by the Local Tournament Committee, to exhibit his/her Membership Card or A Spouses Identification Card. All scores of bowlers not members in good standing of an ELK LODGE in the STATE  of  ILLINOIS, or spouses thereof, will NOT be considered in standings in any and all events. As of 2014, Bowlers form Border State with Illinois may bowl in this tournament where half of more than half Bowlers on a TEAM are from a Illinois Lodge than out of state. See website HOME page for further details.


    • 1. Entrant may not bowl more than twice in each event.
    • 2. In no case shall the same 2-BOWLER TEAM be permitted to place more than once in the DOUBLES Prize List.
    • 3. In no case shall the same 3-BOWLER TEAM be permitted to place more than once in the TEAM Prize List.
    • 4. In no case shall the same Player be permitted to place more than once in the INDIVIDUAL  Prize List.
    • 5. When a bowler competes MORE THAN ONCE, their first appearance in any event shall count towards his ALL EVENTS.
    • 6. Sub bowlers will have only scheduled squad scores count towards ALL EVENTS.
    • 1. The annual tournament shall be conducted on a handicap basis. Each bowler shall receive a handicap of ninety percent (90%) of the difference between their average and two hundred twenty (220) pins in each event entered.  No Limit. The handicap shall be taken from the United States Bowling Congress Handicap Manual.
    • 2. Each Bowler shall use Their HIGHEST U.S.B.C. Sanctioned PREVIOUS SEASON'S AVERAGE  OF ANY LEAGUE IN WHICH THEY BOWLED,  AS RECORDED IN HIS CITY ASSOCIATION SECRETARY'S RECORDS.   The average shall be certified by the team captain.  A minimum of Twelve (12) games must have been bowled to establish an average.  If a bowler did not bowl the previous season, provided he bowled Twelve (12) games up to the time of his entry, will be used.  Bowlers without an established or available average from the past 5 seasons, can request and use their last established average or if none use an average of 160 for MEN and 130 for WOMEN.  When no average is designated on the entry blank the Secretary shall enter the same as scratch.  The tournament officials shall not be responsible for average errors by persons filling out the entry blanks.  If the wrong average is given on the "Entry Blank", the correction must be made, in writing, by the person who originally made out the entry blank, before the team or persons affected bowls. No adjustments will be made after the party has bowled.
    • 3. Bowlers who have qualified for a prize of $300.00 or more in any event in a tournament within the previous 12 month period should be reported.
    • 4. If bowlers current average is TEN (10) or more pins above their reported average after Twelve (12) games the higher average must be used.
    • 5. All entrants are subject to rerating in accordance with U.S.B.C. Rule #319E.
    • 6. Failure to use proper average or make a correction prior to completion of the first game of a series shall disqualify score if submitted average is lower than actual average or base prize winnings on submitted average if it is higher.
    • 7. Premature termination of the tournament brought about by war, national emergency or emergency causes relating thereto or therefrom, fire, natural disaster or any other reason beyond the control of the Illinois Elks Bowling Association shall cause, to the extent required thereby, all advertised prizes, guaranteed or otherwise, to be accordance with the number of entrants who have bowled in each of the respective events up to the time of such termination.
    • Prizes:
    • 1. One hundred percent (100%) of all prize money shall be paid in event entered, on a handicap basis.  Champions shall be declared in each of the events based on actual pin fall plus handicap. 
    • 2. Distribution of the prize money shall be left up to the Secretary of the Association.  The amount and number of the prizes shall be dependent on the total number of entries in the different events.  First place prizes shall not exceed $500.00 in the Five-Man Event, $200.00 in the Two-Man Event, and $100.00 in the Individual Event, and All Events (Based on 100 entrants in each event
    • Substitutes, Line-up Changes, and Tardy Players: A substitute in Doubles Event must also substitute for the same bowler in the Singles Event.  Three (3) substitutes are allowed on a team.  ALL  SUBSTITUTES OR CHANGES MUST BE MADE NO LATER THAN ONE-HALF HOUR BEFORE SCHEDULED TIME OF BOWLING.  Any player arriving late shall begin play  with the score to count from the frame then being bowled.  "Bowling around" a tardy bowler shall not be permitted.

      General: All U.S.B.C. rules and regulations governing tournaments will be strictly enforced.  All shifts will start promptly at the time set forth in the schedule. The “1 lane only Courtesy Rule “is in effect during this tournament.

      NOTE:  Unaffiliated Teams and individuals wishing to secure the high score protection this Sanction offers members of the U.S.B.C. may establish eligibility by paying the current unattached individual membership dues prior to bowling.  Upon receipt of the dues, the U.S.B.C. will issue an attached individual membership card.